My solution involves the installation of a proxy server (Squid/Linux) running virtually on VMWare. I tried this on a Windows 7 Home Premium machine and used the Ubuntu 8.04 JEOS (82.69mb and you can find it here) virtual appliance and the VMWare Workstation to run it. You can probably do it with Sun VirtualBox but I haven’t tried it.

Extract the zip the open the virtual appliance on VMWare Workstation. The default settings are fine but you will need to go to Edit\Virtual Network Editor menu option and bridge the network card you are planning to use for Squid.

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Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems. For information about how to install it (BSD/Linux/Cygwin) check

After finishing with the client installation you will have to create a .muttrc in your home directory and then just copy and paste the following sample (as simple as possible) configuration:

account-hook imap://gmail/ “set

set imap_user = “username@domain”
set imap_pass = “password”

set smtp_url = “smtp://”

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As Benjamin Horly mentioned in his comment, another alternative way to access Pandora from outside the US is which works out of the box. It’s by far the easiest way especially for non-technical people. Have fun.

The above service no longer works.

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I received the following email from Tim Westergren (founder of Pandora) this morning. It states clearly that Pandora will stop streaming to the UK as of January the 15th.

hi, it’s Tim,

This is an email I hoped I would never have to send.

As you probably know, in July of 2007 we had to block usage of Pandora outside the U.S. because of the lack of a viable license structure for Internet radio streaming in other countries. It was a terrible day. We did however hold out some hope that a solution might exist for the UK, so we left it unblocked as we worked diligently with the rights organizations to negotiate an economically workable license fee.

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I was using Pandora for more than a year while working in the UK and I was really sad when I found out that I had to stop using it when I moved to Greece due to licensing constraints.

Pandora - IP BLOCKED

I didn’t give up. I did some research on proxy servers and web anonymity and I was really happy to discover a cool set of tools that could do the job. Those tools are FoxyProxy (firefox addon), Tor & Vidalia (it is included in Tor). Installation and Setup is simple and it takes a few minutes if you follow the steps below.

I noticed recently while being part in the development of a web-banking system, that Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn) are using a different resource DLL when it comes to certificate web enrollment. From a file point of view we have CERTENROLL.DLL on Vista & Longhorn while previous versions of Windows use XENROLL.DLL. The above means that any code previously written that uses XENROLL no longer works on Vista/Longhorn clients.


It also means that the Windows 2000/2003 certificate authority web enrollment pages will not allow Vista and Longhorn clients to enroll a certificate. What you will have to do is replace your Windows 2003 CA web certificate pages with the ones from Longhorn. Those can be found in the Longhorn beta VHD provided by Microsoft. More information about this can be found here.


Here is a javascript code example on how to use CERTENROLL.


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Hello World!


Welcome to my blog. My name is Dimitris and I am Software Engineer living in Athens, Greece. I’ve been around developing mostly web applications since 2002. Going forward, I’ll focus on issues that I come across in my work. However, technology is my passion, and I tend to collect information from many different sources. If I come across something interesting, I’ll post it here. I guess that if I need to know about it, then someone else might want as well.

Here you will find a variety of interesting stuff that vary from information security news to web development, new technologies, gadgets, cool software and hacks. Enjoy!

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